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Stacie T. Lau | The Medium

stacie 200Stacie T. Lau is the medium for Hestectoramus, otherwise known as Hector. Under the guidance of her spiritual father, Kahu Fred Sterling, she began by first writing down Hector’s wisdom. After months of automatic writing, she was instructed by Kirael, a non-physical guide from the Seventh Dimension, to begin her own channeling of the Sixth Dimensional guide, Hestectoramus.

She offers (2) types of readings:

1) Channeled readings with Hector - In your session, Stacie will go into a meditative state and bring through the wisdom of Spirit Guide Hector. You will be talking directly to Hector from the realm of the Sixth Dimension. Hector is a soft spoken guide, who has a sense of humor and provides lots of "homework" to let you grow and prosper.

2) Guided Readings with Stacie - In your reading, Stacie remains fully conscious, allowing spirit to give her pictures or snapshots of your path. She will then draw them on paper while listening to guidance and give you an indepth analysis of your concerns. Questions about: relationship, career or home life? Let Stacie and her guides help you get from point "A" to point "B". You deserve anything you wish to manifest!

Just wanted you to know how much I have appreciated the Spiritual Reading I had the privilege to have with you..You were highly recommended by my son, who is a Massage Therapist who also had one of your readings done to him recently....It was so very interesting and most accurate, as to what is going on in my life presently..I found it most certainly has given me some very worthwhile insight and practical advice along with a deeper understanding of events taking place with a fresh new perspective for my future. Along with the need to know of what changes I should be most aware of at this time and some of the adjustments I need to be prepared to make also. Some of the adjustments that are apparent and what would best be suited in handling them to make a smooth transition take place... It was most enlightening to hear of some of the things that I need to take charge of as to what might be happening in my future along with what would be best suitable to address some of the matters at hand.

Your advice regarding my immediate family members has also been most beneficial and brought much comfort and peaceful answers regarding those that were discussed. Also you assuring myself of the great balance I have in my life and the very positive forces I have been given to maintain my positive and uplifting spirit to share with all those I have in my midst to love and be concerned about..along with my heart center being totally focused in these ever changing times we are encountering daily.. and the everyday coping skills to keep a countenance of great hope, brightness and encouragement to others in these not so ordinary times for others...on this marvelous journey we all are on called LIFE....

Thank you so very much, Arlyne
Brookfield, Wisconsin


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