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Trinity of Fins IHestectoramus, otherwise known as Hector, is an ancient energy force from the Sixth Dimensional Plane, the plane of guides and Ascended Masters. Formerly a guide to the powerful Egyptian potentate Imhotep, Hestectoramus has returned once more to serve humanity during these uncertain and turbulent times. In this, he shares the same imperative as Kirael, Kryon and many other Master Guides who have made their way to the Earth plane as channeled entities. Hector is here as well for the Great Planetary Shift, sharing his energy with those beloved humans who are participating in this unprecedented evolutionary leap in human consciousness. Hector is an "arc guide" which means he bridges the gap from the non-physical to the physical. He is a Teacher Guide who leads people step by step on how to become a channel or medium.

Within you is the power to heal yourself and to unlock the bonds that restrain you from all your deepest desires.

Join us now in your innermost journey, for in your healing you heal the world.


I am often thinking on Hector the last days as since I came back I am a little sad because the changes I choose are not yet here but Hector told me to listen to his words when I am sad. I have his words in my ears. He has helped me so much . I stand firm on my path but sometimes I need his messages to support me through his love and knowledge. 



Excerpt from upcoming book The Three Gateways of Manifestaton"

HECTOR: This is the time of the Shift. People will awaken and see their spirit guides. Someone may come up to you and say, “Oh my, I believe I am going crazy. I thought I saw something passing by.” It is important for your brothers and sisters of the light here on Mother Earth to know that we are as real as you are. Because you cannot physically touch us does not mean that we are not there. What questions do you bring to the table today?

Q: Please define what a spirit guide is.

HECTOR: A spirit guide is an energy pattern that takes the form of what you need most in your life. A spirit guide can be an angel that whispers in your ear or even take the form of an animal, much like the Native Americans describe, or a dead relative. You may not see them in the physical, but those of you who are good meditators may see them in your meditation, taking a form that you understand and can relate to. Spirit guides are here to guide you along your journey. Perhaps you have a great grandfather that has passed away. You hear something in your mind, “I am here. I remember you. I am watching over you.” You go into meditation and perhaps see your great grandfather standing there. Now, this energy pattern has taken on the form that you can perceive and embrace.


As a masters level, mental health professional I place a high value on good counsel, especially one with a 30,000ft view.  I have been a client of Stacie's for over 10 years and have benefitted tremendously from my dialogues with Hector, as have several of my close friends.  Hector has the ability to offer clear, concise, accurate and practical spiritual insights without the need for me to download tons of personal information.  His words resonate with the kind of truth you can authentically feel, which has put my mind at ease through some of the most trying experiences of my life."

Loren Lapow, MSW
The Hero Project, Founder


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