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Trinity of Fins IHestectoramus, otherwise known as Hector, is an ancient energy force from the Sixth Dimensional Plane, the plane of guides and Ascended Masters. Formerly a guide to the powerful Egyptian potentate Imhotep, Hestectoramus has returned once more to serve humanity during these uncertain and turbulent times. In this, he shares the same imperative as Kirael, Kryon and many other Master Guides who have made their way to the Earth plane as channeled entities. Hector is here as well for the Great Planetary Shift, sharing his energy with those beloved humans who are participating in this unprecedented evolutionary leap in human consciousness. Hector is an "arc guide" which means he bridges the gap from the non-physical to the physical. He is a Teacher Guide who leads people step by step on how to become a channel or medium.
Within you is the power to heal yourself and to unlock the bonds that restrain you from all your deepest desires.

Join us now in your innermost journey, for in your healing you heal the world.

I am often thinking on Hector the last days as since I came back I am a little sad because the changes I choose are not yet here but Hector told me to listen to his words when I am sad. I have his words in my ears. He has helped me so much . I stand firm on my path but sometimes I need his messages to support me through his love and knowledge. 




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