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Guest Healer, Padma Tso

padma profile smMs. Padma Tso (Chen Xiaofang) Natural Healer, Light Worker

Ms. Chen Xiaofang, (Padma) is a native Chinese born raised in Beijing, China. She has deep understanding of the natural connections with our body and the universe, has been doing energy healing for over 12years.

The principle of “energy healing” is that we are all connected as one. How we are aligned with the flow in the universe and within ourselves is of primary importance. Keep our energy within in a grateful manner is the key to an awakening and a long happy life.

Padma says, “All healing is self-healing just as all love is self-love. As-long-as tranquility is at work then healing can take place.


“I have learned much from my energy healing sessions with Padma. She has shown me that the “healing light” is a spiritual light that can only happen when I am in a still-quite type of place. I learned that I must be free of distractions, so my healing energy can be focused on the love and the light. The blissful and deepening of the calming experience becomes the best medicine for myself and for that matter, anyone. “ - Ed Auswacks (Haiku)

I have been privileged to have experienced four sessions with Padma all with positive results. Padma always starts my session by carefully listening to my description of where my body feels it needs to benefit from our session and then proceeds to patiently focus on the area/areas until I feel waves in response. I have been amazed that these waves have continued long after the session sometimes for days with a very noticeable improvement in my health and wellbeing. In one session we worked together on my hip I had been unable to lay on that hip because it was so uncomfortable for weeks after my session with Padma I am now able to lay or sleep on that side. Padma is also teaching me how to think and reflect on healing. - Robert Wallace (Canada)

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Tel. 808-463-25421

bt2Life is flowing and to flow, no resistance. Stretching into the infinite and becoming one with everything. Everything is one, yet everything must be distinguished as opposites to be reorganized. The deeper the flowing is the same, the surf currents are different.

How to reach a state of no resistance? How do we balance the body and the mind?

You are your own best doctor, there is no one that can help you better than yourself. “Heal thy self” is the only key to the puzzle. The alchemy inside of each and everyone can be shifted at any given moment. Balancing the water and making our body temple pure, is the doorway to heaven.

We must not let our organs work overtime, and we need to drink lots of liquid to do the work of all purpose enhancing. Like oil to a machine, drinking water, tea, juice, soup is one of the best things we can do to nurture our body and senses. We all know if we use something too hard and too often, the human machine cannot last too long, and the same applies to how our body works as well. There is nothing that is more tender and transforming than our body cells. We can’t stand any type or form of abuse.

Chinese tea carries the purest incense of the earth and the essence of the air, in the name of calming the mind, awakening and enlightening the body senses. Embracing the most elegant of natural plants, roots and shrubs and allowing their natural healing benefits to be absorbed is the Chinese way. Therefore, Chinese Tea is considered the foundation of all medicine. The knowledge in Chinese Tea is nearly infinite. On a medical level, if taken correctly, Chinese teas are more effective than any other type of medicine. Especially for high blood pressure, and high nervous oriented difficulties and stagnations. Chinese tea can be the best simple graceful and economical friend you will ever have for your well-being.

A very important element for a cup of good tea is the water. And water, is the source and carrier of life. Imagine if every cell in our body are all happy waters, what thrills we could be under?

We charge our water with sunlight, the highest intentions, vibrations, and colors.

We do wholesale of Chinese teas of all kinds and re-create an authentic Chinese tea ceremony with you. Tasting all different kinds of teas.

Chinese Tea, Chinese herb and herbal healing teas are what we offer for the body. We also offer energy healing services. They are:

1. Five Organ balancing and harmonizing
2. Cranial sacral
3. Full moon women’s womb healing

1. Gua Sha – a type of skin scratching for the body to balance
2. Moxibustion – one of the best ancient healing. Warming up meridians, helping positive flow, soothing the inner tissue and organs.